The social cooperative Frontier lavoro was founded in December 2001 following a spin-off from the social cooperative, Nuova Dimensione.

Frontiera Lavoro, since 1995, has been establishing " recruitment processes for venerable groups ," promoting courses of action which fight against emerging and increasingly prevalent exclusion of weaker sections of the population. In addition, proposing work as a means of reintegration into the social fabric.

Over the years, Frontiera Lavoro has broadened its knowledge in the field of active employment, which have a strong central role within the organization. It is now, however, expanding its range of activities, which are related to issues of intercultural mediation and educational services for children.

Creating services for local communities with a strong adherence to emerging needs, the Cooperative works in accordance with the European Union and its policies on social inclusion, tackling unemployment , as well as planning and managing transnational projects.